Refusal to Perform (teresa gillespie 2016)

I'm currently deep diving in the folders of excess, during which time this website will be sprinkled with broken links and remain somewhat dormant.


holding onto nothing (a response to exhibition The Passion According to Carol Rama at IMMA, teresa gillespie 2016)

A selection of fragments written in response to the exhibition The Passion According to Carol Ramma at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art).



Alongside my off road ramblings, I've been Hissen about the place.


VAN Teresa Gillespie (2016)

One of the dirt bags from below explanation (clocks stop at 3pm and existence continues) (2015) made the cover of the May/June edition of VAN. Inside you can read me being interviewed by Jonathan Mayhew and Jonathan Mayhew being interviewed by me.



Background image is from consumed, (2016)