Currently consumed by a sound composition, the starting point of which was presented at Extreme Music: Hearing and Nothingness at the Southern University of Denmark in December 2016. It may take some time before it reaches public ears.


Meanwhile, various photographic and text based projects will be appearing in forthcoming publications.


holding onto nothing (a response to exhibition The Passion According to Carol Rama at IMMA, teresa gillespie 2016)


below explanation (clocks stop at 3pm and existence continues) - teresa gillespie (2015)

below explanation (clocks stop at 3pm and existence continues) has been nominated for the Plastik Award and will be screened at the IFI, Dublin, 26th March.

63 East Claustrum St. (teresa gillespie, 2016)


63 East Claustrum St.

photographic contribution to WILT #2

trappings of a junkyard pod (teresa gillespie, 2016)


trappings of a junkyard pod*

photographic contribution to MADDER LAKE

*Thanks to Gary J Shipley for the words 'trappings of a junkyard pod'

While udergoing updates, a cull and a redesign the

old webpage

of 2011-2015 work will linger on.